Average annual expenditure on Cleansing and Consumer Toilet Paper, Paper Towels and Napkins in the United States


04/20/2015 12:03 pm

Average annual expenditure on cleansing and toilet tissue, paper towels and napkins per consumer unit in the United States from 2007 to 2013 (in U.S. dollars)*

This statistic shows average annual expenditure on cleansing and toilet tissue, paper towels and napkins per consumer unit in the United States from 2007 to 2013. In 2010, Americans spent 103.41 U.S. dollars per consumer unit on cleansing and toilet tissue, paper towels and napkins on average. for More Details visit Statista

Americans are Using More High-End Toilet Paper


03/13/2015 3:14 pm

Americans are spending more than ever on quilted, lotioned, perfumed and ultra-soft toilet tissue -- about $1.4 billion nationwide last year, a figure that's only expected to grow.

Americans have a new favorite way to flush money down the drain: luxury toilet paper.

Sales in the United States of what the industry calls "luxury" rolls — anything quilted, lotioned, perfumed or ultra-soft, from two- to four-ply — climbed to $1.4 billion last year, outpacing all other kinds of toilet paper for the first time in nearly a decade, data from market research firm Euromonitor International show.

The luxury market is one-fourth the size of the standard TP market, but its prominence in Big Wipe is growing faster than many industry watchers expected. Luxury toilet paper sales have grown more than 70 percent since 2000, and they're expected to keep growing faster than all other categories every year through at least 2018.

"Higher growth is expected out of the luxury segment as the improved economy allows consumers to satisfy their desire for comfort," Euromonitor analysts wrote in a recent industry report about toilet paper's "increasing premiumisation." "While the idea of ... luxury toilet paper may be slightly odd, (its) performance suggests otherwise." 


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Consumer Toilet Paper Desheeting means Less for More or Improved Product Means Fewer Sheets Needed


09/05/2013 10:49 pm



Consumer Toilet Paper Desheeting means Less for More or Improved Product Means Fewer Sheets Needed

    Innovative new products, improved private label, environmental awareness and aggressive pricing are helping to grow the consumer paper category.

 While the leading paper manufacturers continue plump their margins by Desheeting & Shrinking the rolls of #toiletpaper, a new Women-Owned & Minority-Owned Company AMPACK CORP banks on Sustainability, as the Key to Improve the Supply Chain, and Provide Savings without compromising Quality of the Consumer Retail Paper Products.

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Sales of Leading Consumer Brands of Hygienic Bath Tissue in United States Market


07/17/2013 10:36 pm

Sales of the leading Consumer Brands of Hygienic Toilet Tissue in the United States for 2012 

   Source : Grocery Head Quarters. 

In the United States from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 Sales of Consumer Hygienic Bathroom Tissue were reported as following for the united states consumer tissue market. 

  (report in million U.S. dollars )

  • Private Label Varius Brands 1,442.80
  • Angel Soft 1,300
  • Charmin Ultra Soft 1,025.60
  • Scott 1 Ply 985.70
  • Charmin Ultra Strong 904.30
  • Quilted Northern Soft & Strong 682.60
  • Kleenex Cottonelle Clean Care 432.70
  • Charmin Basic 342.20
  • Kleenex Cottonelle Ultra 306.30
  • Quilted Northern Ultra Plush 252.60
  • Maxim Fit Soft & Strong is a New Brand of Consumer Hygienic Bath Tissue Launched in the United States Tissue Market during June 2013



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Bathroom Tissue 2 Ply New Consumer Brands


06/15/2013 12:16 pm

AMPACK CORP. Introduces the first Bathroom Tissue in the United States of America with Press & Ready Core Technology (TM) & a New Brand of Paper Products that focus on providing real savings to the consumer. Launching the Maxim Fit 16 Double Rolls = 32 Regular Rolls of Bath Tissue Packed with 517.77 Sq. Ft. made of a 2 Ply Premium Soft & Strong Eucalyptus Pulp Fibers using some of the Best Tissue Paper Manufacturing Technology in the - See more at: 

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Our goal is to be a leading supplier to the U.S. Consumer market and to help improve the at-home supply chain by re-thinking the ways we market and distribute essential everyday products. Our mission is to be efficient in distribution, honorable in our trades, & profitable in our operations. We can do this by focusing not only on marketing products to bring simply dollar-savings per pack to the consumer, but to focus on launching products differently: 

First: Focus on product quality.
Second: Reduction of unnecessary packaging
Third: Environmental impact
Fourth: Achieving all this while reducing the amounts of Co2 we generate daily in our distribution channels. Maxim fit comes with incredible savings;

Press & Ready Core Technology (TM) can help to reduce our impact on the environment without having to reduce the quality, quantity or sizes of the Hyhienic Paper Products we want to market. - See more at:

Bath Tissue Double Rolls vs Regular Rolls


06/02/2013 4:26 pm

Toilet paper is available in several types of paper, a variety of embosse patterns, decorations, and textures, and it may be moistened or perfumed, Toilet paper products vary greatly in the distinguishing technical factors: sizes, diameters, weights, roughness, softness, chemical residues, "finger-breakthrough" resistance, water-absorption, etc. 

Quality is usually determined by the number of plies (stacked sheets), coarseness, and durability. Low grade institutional toilet paper is typically of the lowest grade of paper, has only one or two plies, is very coarse and sometimes contains small amounts of embedded unbleached/unpulped paper. Mid-grade two ply is somewhat textured to provide some softness and is somewhat stronger. Premium toilet paper may have lotion and wax and has two to four plies of very finely pulped paper. If it is marketed as "luxury", it may be quilted or rippled (embossed), perfumed, colored or patterned, medicated (with anti-bacterial chemicals), or treated with aloe or other perfumes.

In the United States as of May 1, 2013 The US Brands of Toilet Paper were promoting Toilet Tissue Rolls under the following Tags: Double Rolls "2x's the Size of a Regular Roll" 

Angel Soft 2 Ply Double Roll 264 Sheets, Regular Roll 132 Sheets. Quilted Northern Soft & Strong 2 Ply Double Roll 242 Sheets, Regular Roll 121 Sheets. Charmin Basic 1 Ply Double Roll 264 Sheets, Regular Roll 132 Sheets, Charming Ultra Strong 2 Ply Double Roll 165 Sheets, Regular Roll 82 Sheets. 

Maxim fit Bathroom Tissue Soft & Strong Tissue 2 Ply Double Rolls are 264 Sheets in Lenght (4.48") by 3.94" in width. (Packed 16 Double Rolls = 32 Regular Rolls with 517.77 Sq. Ft. per Pack) 

Us Population Size & Growing Cities


05/26/2013 1:23 am

According to the last data by the US Census Nov 2012 the Average Number of People Living per Household in the United States is 2.55 people per household, and there were about 121,084,000 Total Households.  Also, In the U.S. The population is currently expanding at a rate of more than 3% annually and job growth was 2.3% in 2012. and as of June 2013 there where about 316,000,000 people living in the U.S.

Population in all cities across the U.S are growing and they apparently want small-scale home life is part of a hot trend in U.S. real estate & also lofty views from nose bleed heights. In New York City a series of tall residential towers have been rolling out, In Dallas, Museum Tower, the city's new second tallest residential building is opening. In the Miami area, two new projects "the Porsche Tower and the Mansions at Acqualina" In Chicago, a soaring penthouse at the top of the 92nd-story Trump International Hotel and Tower is currently listed for $32 million; it's the America's tallest completed home for sale. Other US growing cities are: Portland, Oregon, San Antonio, Texas, Phoenix, Arixona, Provo, Utah, Seattle, Washington, Salt Lake City, Utah, Raleigh, North Carolina, Dallas, Texas, Orlando, Florida, Houston, Texas, and Austin, Texas.


Maxim fit Paper Products including Maxim fit "Toilet Paper, Jumbo Roll Tissue, Paper Towels" where Designed for your Small Bathroom and with the purpose of helping to reduce the space necessary to storage Bathroom Tissue and soon Other Hygiene Paper Products.


US Consumer Tissue Industry


05/26/2013 1:14 am

The U.S. at-home tissue category consists of bath, towel, facial and napkin products segments. Each category is further distinguished according to quality tiers: ultra, premium, private label and economy "entry-level". The majority of at-home tissue sold in the U.S. is premium and ultra quality.

As of December 31, 2012 The U.S. tissue market is 7,6 Million Ton / Yr divided into two market segments: the at-home or consumer retail purchase segment, which represents approximately 67% of U.S. tissue sales; and the away-from-home segment (commercial and industrial venue tissue use), which represents the remainder of U.S. tissue market sales. Based on an IRI Report November Toilet Tissue Dollar Sales for 2012 were $4,302,549,000 up 2.25% vs. 2011. There were 797,148,200 packs of which 221,584,700 packs - 27% of the Total Tissue Category were Private Label Store Brand Sales.

At-home tissue producers are comprised of companies that manufacture branded and/or private label tissue products. Branded tissue suppliers manufacture, market and sell tissue products under their own nationally branded labels. Private label tissue producers sell tissue products to retailers who in turn sell the tissue to consumers as the retailers private label brand. Some manufacturers sell both branded and private label tissue products. Over the last 5 Years Private Label have taken an important share in the U.S. Retail Aisles. Yet, National Brand Manufacturers & Private Label Marketers continue to take content out of the rolls and the package as the only found solution to recover for continuos increase in the supply chain, from Energy, Raw Materials, Storage & Transportation.

Maxim fit Paper Products including Maxim Fit "Bath Tissue, Perforated Paper Towels, Jumbo Tissue Rolls" Distributed and Marketed by AMPACK CORP a women-owned & minority-owned business our goal is to reach 1% of the US Consumers or Households in order to Help, and to Reduce the Waste of Packaging, Gas, Miles Driven, and Others that may have an impact in our environment. 

US Tissue Industry Reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions & CO2 Emissions


05/23/2013 12:23 am

The U.S. is made up of four primary End-Use Sectors (Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Transportation) that consume primary fossil fuels (coal, petroleum and natural gas) ‘directly’ and ‘indirectly’ by purchasing-consuming electricity from the secondary Power Sector.  The Power Sector consumes the balance of all U.S. primary fossil fuels.  The EIA routinely monitors all primary fossil fuels consumed by all End-Use Sectors and calculates the associated CO2 emissions.

The paper industry has always been at the center aqusations to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) Due to the ammount of energy and water requiered to produce its products, and also the CO2 emissions generated during transportation.

AMPACK CORP. is proud to introduce a New Brand of Bathroom Tissue in North America focused on Reducing 1,000 Tons of Carbon Dioxide from (CO2) Emissions & Green House Gases (GHG) each year from the United States Maxim fit Paper Products including Maxim Fit "Toilet Tissue, Kitchen Towels, Jr. Jumbo Tissue, Center pull Paper Towels" are Product are Soft for your Skin and Gentle to the Planet ! 

Image Thanks to: Data Source: EIA MER Table 12.1. Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Energy Consumption by Source 

is the US At-Home Tissue been Sourced from Sustainable Fibers?


05/23/2013 12:16 am

US. Consumers today are wanting to purchase Toilet Tissue products made from Highend Pulp and made from Sustainable and Rapidable renewable Ressources. 

Responsible pulp and paper operations can bring many benefits to forests, local economies and people, particularly in rural areas. Many pulp and paper companies are demonstrating leadership in responsible forestry and plantation management as well as in clean manufacturing processes and recycled content. And, U.S. consumers can play a key role in driving responsible forestry through their paper choices.

Market and demographic trends bode well for the global paper products industry in 2013. Demand for paper products is steadily rising throughout Asia. Older mills are being replaced by new, state-of-the-art facilities that promise more efficiency, cleaner production, and improved balance between capacity and demand.

Accordig to Industry Pulp & Paper Magazines Varius Reports The sourcing of the world fiber pulp was divided according as 

• Europe 62%
• North America 8%
• South America 28%
• Asia 2%


The World Tissue Producers are as following (Thousand Tonnes Annually/): K-C 3,817, SCA 3,320, G-P 2,537, P&G 1,456, APP 1,409, SOFIDEL 1,020, HENGAN 678, WEPA 603, METSA 602, CMPC 600.

Image & Data:  Thanks Eucalyptus Pulp is FSC # Manufactured by SUZANO & World Tissue Business Monitor Magazine 2012

US Consumer Brands of Bathroom Tissue


05/23/2013 12:14 am

Is my Toilet Paper Going Shorter ? 

Toilet paper was originally manufactured 4.5” wide by 4.5” long, which is relative to the average man’s hand size. as of May 1, 2013 the National Brands are offering the following Sizes in their products: Angel Soft 4.0" x 4.0", Quilted Northern Soft & Strong 4.0" x 4.0", Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong 4.0" x 4.0", Scott 1 Ply 4.1" x 3.7", Charmin Basic 4.27" x 4.0", Charmin Ultra Strong 4.27" x 4.0", Great Value Ultra Strong 4.27" x 4.0", White Cloud Luxurius Soft 4.2" x 4.0". 

Maxim fit Toilet Tissue offers 2 Ply White Cloud Soft & Strong Embossed Sheets Size 3.94" x 4.48"  Maxim fit Bathroom Tissue 


50 US Supermarkets List 2012 Rank


05/01/2013 4:55 am

During 2012, In the US the Super 50 chains largely speak for themselves, the total store count that for the first time broke the 20,000 mark (20,047, to be exact) – an increase of 376 units from last year's 19,671, or a nearly 2 percent gain vs 2011 – underscores the ever-increasing number of options consumers have to disburse their food shopping funds, plus supermarkets' quest to grow market share through store expansion.

Of the total supermarkets included in this year's annual Super 50 listing, the Top 10 retailers As a composite, the entire field of Super 50 contenders tallied a total ACV of $492.7 billion – down by $24 billion, or a 4.8 percent decline from last year's Super 50 report. Further, the Top 10 retailers control $343.8 billion of total supermarket ACV, down $23.8 billion, or 6.5 percent, from $367.6 billion last year.

These are the Top 10 Grocery Retail Chains Producers in the United States: Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 3,217 Stores, Kroger Co. 2,430 Stores, Safeway Inc. 1,450 Stores, Supervalu Inc. 1,496 Stores, Ahold USA Inc 756 Stores, Publix Super Markets Inc. 1,054, Delhaize America Inc. 1,546 Stores, H-E-B Grocery Co. 299 Stores, Lone Start Funds (Winn-Dixie * BI-LO) 690 Stores, Meijer Inc. 197 Stores.

 US. Private Label Sales (except walmart) of Toilet Paper during 2012 $711,832,500, 29.09% DOLLAR SHARE of the Total US Category at AMPACK Corporation our Goal is to reach 1% of the At-Home Retail Tissue Consumer Market with inovative products like Maxim Fit Paper Products inclusing Maxim Fit "2 Ply Toilet Tissue, Perforated Paper Towels, 2 Ply Jumbo Tissue Roll".

US. Retail Trade Associations


05/01/2013 4:53 am

US Retail Associations are always looking for products that can help to reduce the impact we have over our environment This is a list of all organizations in the United States of America who cater to the Retail Consumer Market.  

National Retail Federation National Association for Retail Technology Standards


Alabama Retail Association (ARA)

Offices: Montgomery, Alabama

Alabama Retail Association was formed in 1943 for retailers by retailers who saw a need for representation when public policy was made. Today, ARA represents almost 4,000 members ranging from large national chain stores to small family owned retail stores with some 6,000 locations statewide. Their primary objective is to lobby the Alabama Legislature on behalf of the interests of retailers. ARA continually monitors legislative activity and represents retailers.

American Booksellers Association (ABA)

Offices: Tarrytown, New York

Founded in 1900, the American Booksellers Association is a not-for-profit organization devoted to meeting the needs of its core members of independently owned bookstores with retail storefront locations through advocacy, education, research, and information dissemination. The ABA actively supports free speech, literacy, and programs that encourage reading.

American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA)

Offices: Chicago, Illinois

The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association, better known as ASTRA, believes in the right of all children to achieve their full potential through fun and positive play; believes in educating parents and the community at large about the importance of play and expanding their information about appropriate toys and playthings; and believes in the value of ASTRA in providing an association for the specialty toy industry so that we may further our common goals with regard to children, the community and our individual businesses.

Arizona Retailers Association (ARA)

Offices: Mesa, Arizona

Arizona Retailers Association is a voice of retail in Arizona. ARA is the link between retailers and legislators at the Arizona State Legislature. ARA also represents the interests of the Arizona retail industry through state regulators as well as through a grassroots network with the Arizona Congressional delegation. Their members include large and small independent retailers as well as regional and national chain stores.

Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS)

Offices: Dayton, Ohio

The Association for Retail Technology Standards is an international membership organization dedicated to reducing the costs of technology through standards. ARTS has been delivering application standards exclusively to the retail industry. ARTS has four standards: The Standard Relational Data Model, UnifiedPOS, IXRetail and the Standard RFPs. Membership is open to all members of the international technology community—retailers from all industry segments, application developers and hardware companies.


Booksellers Association (BA)

Offices: London, England

The Booksellers Association, which represents over 95% of booksellers in the UK and Ireland, is committed to providing the widest possible range of services to its membership, the value of which far outweigh the cost of being a member. Their services range from the commercial to the practical, such as the 'Christmas Books' catalogue and carrier bags, to the intangible but invaluable, such as representation to Government and the EU.


California Retailers Association (CRA)

Offices: Sacramento, California

The California Retailers Association was founded and incorporated in 1933 to meet the needs of a growing company of retailers marketing a variety of goods in the State of California. The California Retailers Association is a trade association representing all segments of the retail industry. Their members have more than 9,000 stores in California and account for more than $100 billion in sales annually.

Colorado Retail Council (CRC)

Offices: Denver, Colorado

The Colorado Retail Council was founded in 1966 by a group of concerned retailers that desired a stronger voice in the government law-making process. Three decades later, the mission of the Colorado Retail Council remains the same: to promote an environment that encourages profitable retail growth through strong advocacy on government actions and superior services to our members. The Colorado Retail Council is a trade association representing the interests of retailers both large and small at their state's capitol in Denver.

Connecticut Retail Merchants Association (CRMA)

Offices: Hartford, Connecticut

The Connecticut Retail Merchants Association has been representing retailers at the State Capitol and in the marketplace since 1910. They are the only statewide business group that represents only retailers. Their mission is to provide quality service for Connecticut retailers. CRMA negotiates better rates on services to members-services that would be more costly to an individual retailer. At CRMA it is their goal to help by using the group purchasing power of a large association to secure programs and pricing not available to individual businesses.



Delaware Retail Council (DRC)

Offices: Wilmington, Delaware

The DRC is the largest statewide organization dedicated solely to the interest and progress of the retail industry. As a member of the Retail Council, retailers have a strong advocate who works for them in local, state and national government. The Delaware Retail Council keeps retailers up to date in such critical areas as workers and unemployment compensation, health insurance regulation, consumer protection, employee relations, loss prevention, and taxes.


Electronic Retailing Association (ERA)

Offices: Arlington, Virginia

Electronic Retailing Association is the trade association for companies who use the power of electronics to sell goods and services to the public. The mission of the Electronic Retailing Association is to foster growth, development and acceptance of the rapidly growing direct response industry worldwide for the companies who use the power of electronic media to sell goods and services to the public.


Florida Retail Federation (FRF)

Offices: Tallahassee, Florida

The Florida Retail Federation protects Florida's retailers by lobbying the state legislature and providing cost-saving services. FRF was founded to promote a healthy, free enterprise system in Florida. Their purpose is to strengthen and support a favorable business environment where retailers and their suppliers can grow and prosper. By protecting Florida's retail industry, FRF is preserving and fostering the foundation of the country's economy.


Georgia Retail Association (GRA)

Offices: Lithonia, Georgia

The Georgia Retail Association has protected Georgia's retailers from unreasonable taxes, fees, regulations and legislation. Georgia is a friendly state for retailers largely due to GRA's work over the past 40 years. Whether you are a large chain retailer or an independent retail merchant, there's a reason to belong to the Georgia Retail Association. The purpose of GRA's government affairs program is to use all legitimate means at our disposal to create the best possible economic and political climate for Georgia's retailers.


Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA)

Offices: Chicago, Illinois

The Illinois Retail Merchants Association is one of the largest state retail organizations in the United States. IRMA serves as the voice of retailing and the business community in state government. IRMA's government relations efforts have resulted in both the passage and defeat of significant bills of major bottom line impact on retail stores. From the nation's largest retailers to independent businesses in every corner of the State, merchants can count on IRMA to fight for the best possible environment in which to do business in Illinois.

International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)

Offices: New York, New York; London, England & Singapore

The International Council of Shopping Centers is the global trade association of the shopping center industry. Its 57,000 members in the US, Canada and more than 80 other countries include shopping center owners, developers, managers, marketing specialists, investors, lenders, retailers and other professionals as well as academics and public officials. ICSC links with more than 25 national and regional shopping center councils throughout the world.

Iowa Retail Federation (IRF)

Offices: Urbandale, Iowa

The Iowa Retail Federation ensures a retail voice for Iowa that is united and strong. As a business, members can depend on the Iowa Retail Federation to help protect their interests in Iowa. Today, Congress is giving more power to state and local governments. This means that state actions increasingly impact the bottom line. The association provides a variety of valuable services to help member retailers. Many members participate in this cost-savings program.


Kentucky Retail Federation

Offices: Frankfort, Kentucky

Celebrating more than 60 years' service to Kentucky's retailing community, the Kentucky Retail Federation continues a tradition of active involvement in the issues that impact retailers across the Commonwealth. KRF's mission is to enhance the retail climate in Kentucky through: legislative and regulatory activity, Information and education to members and the general public, and member services. The Federation offers a complete line of services designed to increase the bottom line.


Louisiana Retailers Association

Offices: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

It's 2,000 plus members across the state, the Association represent over 4,000 storefronts. Our industry provides over 330,000 jobs to Louisiana's citizens. Since 1946, the Louisiana Retailers Association has taken an active role in providing member businesses with beneficial resources. The Louisiana Retailers Association represents all grocers since merging with the Louisiana Grocers Association.


Maine Merchants Association (MMA)

Offices: Augusta, Maine

Maine Merchants Association has a membership encompassing both large and small merchants, including "Main Street" retailers and national chains. The membership is diverse and also includes small manufacturers, jewelers, and building supply companies, among other sectors. The MMA represents the interests of individual merchants before the Main Legislature and serves as a link between state government and Maine retailers.

Maryland Retailers Association (MRA)

Offices: Annapolis, Maryland

The Maryland Retailers Association, consisting of over 700 members at some 1,400 locations, is the retail community's major statewide trade association in Maryland. MRA is a diverse and broad based organization covering all segments of the retail industry. Within the MRA organization are the Maryland-Delaware-Washington, DC Jewelers Association, Maryland Home Furnishings Association, Maryland Antiques Council and the Food Dealers Council.

Michigan Retailers Association (MRA)

Offices: Lansing, Michigan

The Michigan Retailers Association is the unified voice of Michigan's retail industry. Retailers provide more than $128 billion worth of goods and services annually to consumers in Michigan and employ 855,000 Michiganians—almost one in five jobs in Michigan's economy. MRA provides aggressive legislative representation and a wide range of profit-boosting services to more than 5,500 member retail businesses, which own and operate more than 12,000 stores across the state.

Minnesota Retailers Association (MnRA)

Offices: Saint Paul, Minnesota

As a Minnesota organization structured to support the retail industry exclusively, the power of representing independent retailers (such as family-owned gift and furniture stores, shoe and sporting goods stores, men's and women's apparel stores, book and stationery stores), as well as the major chain department stores, specialty stores, drugstores, and restaurants is unsurpassed and continues to impact new laws enacted by each legislative session in favor of free market enterprise.

Missouri Retailers Association (MRA)

Offices: Jefferson City, Missouri

The Missouri Retailers Association, established in 1933 by a group of retailers sharing similar concerns and interests, is dedicated to serving the needs of retailers statewide. MRA member services feature a variety of money saving cost control programs tailored to the needs of the retail industry. A full-time staff in Jefferson City ensures that the voice of retailing is heard in state government. Publications and media contacts keep the public and the retail industry informed of issues concerning retailing in Missouri.

Montana Retail Association (MRA)

Offices: Billings, Montana

The Montana Retail Association is a vibrant, professional trade group dedicated to being the voice of retailers in the Montana Legislature and, through our affiliated national associations, the nation's capital. The MRA is comprised of retailers of all sizes, from local retailers (95%) to national chains. The MRA is an umbrella organization for three other associations; the Montana Tire Dealers Association, the Montana Equipment Dealers Association, and the Montana Restaurant Association.



National Association for Retail Merchandising Services (NARMS)

Offices: Plover, Wisconsin

The National Association for Retail Marketing Services represents the merchandising & marketing sales and service industry on an international basis. grossing over $2 Billion in merchandising services, sales marketing, and event marketing services each year, NARMS has 4 major divisions: Merchandising Service Organizations, Event Marketing/Mystery Shop & Demonstration Companies, Professional Installation Companies, and Independent Food Brokers of America.

National Association of College Stores (NACS)

Offices: Oberlin, Ohio

The National Association of College Stores is a large national trade association serving the collegiate retailing industry. NACS offers services to its members such as a certificate program, educational resources, customer satisfaction survey service, and a faculty satisfaction survey service. NACS members include more than 3,100 college stores throughout the United States, Canada, and more than 34 other countries.

National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS)

Offices: Alexandria, Virginia

The National Association of Convenience Stores is an international trade association representing 2,352 retail and 1,991 supplier company members. NACS member companies do business in nearly 40 countries around the world, with the majority of members based in the United States. The US convenience store industry, with 138,205 stores across the US, posted $395 billion in total sales for 2004, with $263 billion in motor fuel sales.

National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM)

Offices: Marlton, New Jersey

The National Association of Recording Merchandisers is a trade association that serves the music retailing community in networking, advocacy, information, education and promotion. The Association's membership includes music and other entertainment retailers, wholesalers, distributors, record labels, multimedia suppliers, and suppliers of related products and services, as well as individual professionals and educators in the music business field.

-National- (cont.)

National Catalog Managers Association (NCMA)

Offices: Bethesda, Maryland

The National Catalog Managers Association is an professional organization dedicated exclusively to the interests of automotive aftermarket catalog managers. Comprised of catalog, product management and marketing professionals from manufacturers, distributors and retailers—their mission for more than 30 years is to help members sell products, reduce costs and increase efficiency through accurate catalogs, efficient production processes and new technology.

National Grocers Association (NGA)

Offices: Arlington, Virginia

The National Grocers Association (NGA) is the national trade associations representing the retail and wholesale grocers that comprise the independent sector of the food distribution industry. Their mission is to o ensure independent, community-focused retailers and wholesalers the opportunity to succeed and better serve the consumer through its policies, advocacy, programs and services.

National Retail Federation (NRF)

Offices: Dayton, Ohio

The National Retail Federation is the world's largest retail trade association with membership that comprises all retail formats and channels of distribution including department, specialty, discount, catalog, Internet, independent stores as well as the industry's key trading partners of retail goods and services. In its role as the retail industry's umbrella group, NRF also represents 32 national and 50 state associations in the US as well as 36 international associations representing retailers abroad.

National Retail Hardware Association (NRHA)

Offices: Indianapolis, Indiana

The National Retail Hardware Association's mission is to: provide the services and information retailers need to be better and more profitable merchants, provide services and programs that retailers cannot provide for themselves, represent retailers' interests at all levels of government, and to provide an unbiased and reliable source of industry information. Their purpose is to help independent home improvement retailers become better and more profitable merchants.


Nebraska Retail Federation (NRF)

Offices: Lincoln, Nebraska

The Nebraska Retail Federation's primary mission is to represent member interests to state and federal government officials. The Nebraska Retail Federation ensures a retail voice for Nebraska that is united and strong. The NRF protects retailers' interests at the state level. Member participation in the Nebraska Retail Federation assures that member's interests are being represented. The Nebraska Retail Federation does not favor one type or size of merchant over another.

New Jersey Retail Merchants Association (NJRMA)

Offices: Trenton, New Jersey

The New Jersey Retail Merchants Association was founded in 1967 by a group of retailers who were extremely concerned with the thousands of bills and regulations developed by the Legislature and state agencies every year that directly impacted their business operations. Members include the largest national chains as well as medium and small retail establishments. No retail store is too big or too small to join NJRMA.

North American Retail Dealers Association (NARDA)

Offices: Lombard, Illinois

NARDA's mission is to provide the power of knowledge to independent retailers and servicers through progressive education, information and services, with friendly and prompt service. NARDA members are independent retailers, selling and servicing kitchen and laundry appliances, consumer home and mobile electronics, computers and other home and small office products, furniture, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, room air conditioners, and other consumer home products.

North Carolina Retail Merchants Association (NCRMA)

Offices: Raleigh, North Carolina

The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association was organized in 1902 to improve the business climate for retail merchants in North Carolina. The NCRMA is a voice of the retail industry in North Carolina. NCRMA represents the interests of individual merchants before the members of the General Assembly and serves as a vital link to state government. The Association's membership includes more than 25,000 stores from across the state whose businesses represent 75 percent of North Carolina's retail sales volume.

North Dakota Retail Association (NDRA)

Offices: Bismarck, North Dakota

The North Dakota Retail Association is comprised of large and small retail businesses across the state. The association’s mission is to promote and enhance retail business, improve the business climate in the state, provide training and education to members, and monitor legislative and regulatory activity on the state and national level. The association serves large and small retailers, multi-state chains and "Mom and Pops," all types of merchants.


Ohio Council of Retail Merchants

Offices: Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio Council of Retail Merchants is constantly expanding its horizons and looking for new ways to help Ohio's retailers. The Council's purpose is to make certain that the voice of retailing is heard clearly and accurately by state legislators, government officials other trade groups, the news media and the public. The Ohio Council of Retail Merchants also serves as an advocate for retail interests. The Council is also dedicated to services for its members. Council offers membership programs and benefits that would be beyond the reach of any individual merchant.


Pennsylvania Retailers' Association (PRA)

Offices: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Retailers' Association is a premier retail trade association in Pennsylvania whose encompassing membership consists of small and large independent retailers as well as the national retail chains. The PRA's mission is to represent the retailing industry in the state's legislative chambers, protecting and promoting the welfare of those engaged in retailing. The Pennsylvania Retailers' Association has been directly responsible for adding millions of dollars to retailers' bottom line.


Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA)

Offices: New York, New York

For more than 30 years, PLMA's annual trade show has been the industry event of the year, where retailers and wholesalers source for their private label programs. More than 1,000 companies from 35 countries will be exhibiting their products, including 15 international pavilions. From food, snacks and beverages to household and kitchen products to health and beauty to GM. Exhibitors range from small and medium-size companies to well-known national brand makers who also supply store brands.


Retail Advertising & Marketing Association (RAMA)

Offices: Washington, DC & Chicago, Illinois

The Retail Advertising & Marketing Association is a trade association of retail marketing and advertising professionals, plus their counterparts on the agency, media and service-provider sides of the business. RAMA is a division of the National Retail Federation, the world's largest retail trade association.

Retail Association of Nevada (RAN)

Offices: Carson City, Nevada

The Retail Association of Nevada's mission is to strengthen the business environment for Nevada retailers and associates by providing a government relations program which supports retail industry needs through lobbying at federal, state and local levels. Retail Association of Nevada was formed for the purpose of uniting merchants throughout the State on matters of common interest. The Association is a leading advocate for Nevada retailers and has a reputation as one of the most effective pro-business organizations in the state.

Retail Council of New York State

Offices: Albany, New York

The Retail Council of New York State is a full-service membership trade association that represents nearly 5,000 stores, of all size and sort, and affiliated businesses throughout the Empire State. Their members take advantage of a wide range of money-saving programs, including merchant services like credit/debit card processing, workers' compensation insurance, disability insurance and other valuable incentives. The Council serves the needs of merchants, professionals and other providers of goods and services across the state.

Retailers Association of Massachusetts (RAM)

Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

RAM uses the combined buying power of its members to offer a variety of services and programs that can increase business' profits. The Retailers Association of Massachusetts is a statewide trade association dedicated to promoting and protecting the retail industry through government relations and money-saving benefits for our members. RAM represents members and their interests before all branches of state government in an effort to protect, preserve and promote the thriving retail sector of the Massachusetts economy.

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Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)

Offices: Arlington, Virginia

The Retail Industry Leaders Association, formerly IMRA, is the world's leading alliance of retailers and their product and service suppliers. RILA leads and serves the most successful and innovative retailers and suppliers through the delivery of world-class education, innovation and advocacy. Their focus relies upon valuable learning's, personal experience, idea sharing, networking, and best practices. They execute on this focus based on the guidance of their corporate values.

Retail Merchants Association of Greater Richmond (RMAGR)

Offices: Richmond, Virginia

The Retail Merchants Association is a trade association representing retailers and related businesses. Its mission is to enhance the image and profitability of member companies through advocacy, information and networking opportunities. Founded in 1906, the Retail Merchants Association is the business association of choice for successful retail businesses. The Association is an advocate for the retail community because it represents the business interests of the retail community with local and state officials.

Retail Merchants Association of New Hampshire (RMANH)

Offices: Concord, New Hampshire

The Retail Merchants Association of New Hampshire is a statewide trade organization representing over 800 businesses. Members range from the small independent business owner, to major corporations, all with a single goal—to promote the success of the New Hampshire retail community. RMANH's primary focus is to serve as a link between state legislators in Concord and the retailers. They maintain regular contact with other lobbyists and organizations on the state and federal level to provide an accurate and effective network of information for their members.

Retail Merchants of Hawaii (RMH)

Offices: Honolulu, Hawaii

The Retail Merchants of Hawaii is a state-wide association committed to the growth and development of the retail industry in Hawaii. The RMH mission is to promote the welfare of the retail industry, to provide information and training to advance the interests of the retail industry, and to serve as an advocate for the retail industry in both the governmental and the business communities.

Retail Packaging Association (RPA)

Offices: Covington, Kentucky

The association’s sole purpose at that time was to organize a trade show specifically for retail packaging professionals. RPA provides comprehensive educational and networking opportunities and has over 1000 members representing all entities of retail packaging nationwide and abroad. The RPA provides complete packaging solutions and services to retail businesses nationwide from small shops to high-end boutique and department store chains.

Retail Solutions Provider Association (RSPA)

Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina

The Retail Solutions Providers Association is the industry association for the retail information technology representing hardware manufacturers, software developers, distributors, resellers, and consultants—any company providing retail technology products or services—to the hospitality, general retail, supermarket or c-store vertical markets. The RSPA provides education, industry advocacy; standards and information benefits that assist member companies expand their business, raise the level of staff professionalism and elevate the retail technology industry.


Offices: Washington, DC

South Dakota Retailers Association (SDRA)

Offices: Pierre, South Dakota

The South Dakota Retailers Association represents the interests of retail businesses who sell retail products and services throughout the State of South Dakota. For over 100 years, the Association has played an important role in retailing, by: representing retail interests in the legislative process, providing members with money-saving services, keeping members informed about laws, regulations, and retail trends, maintaining a close affiliation with national retail organizations to favorably influence federal issues.


Texas Retailers Association

Offices: Austin, Texas

The Texas Retailers Association is a trade association representing all segments of the retail industry: general merchandise, department stores, independent retailers, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, supermarkets and grocery stores, chain drug stores and pharmacies, and a wide array of specialty retailers. With more than 1,500 members operating more than 25,000 stores, employing more than 500,000 Texans, they account for more than $75 billion in sales annually.


Utah Retail Merchants Association (URMA)

Offices: Salt Lake City, Utah

The Utah Retail Merchants Association was organized in 1955 for the purpose of uniting the retail industry and providing representation in regulatory and legislative issues. Utah Retail Merchants Association representatives have acted in behalf of the retail industry in a myriad of governmental and community issues. The Association strives to advance and serve the common business interest, efficiency and welfare of their members in the retail trade.


Vermont Retail Association (VRA)

Offices: Essex Junction, Vermont

The Vermont Retail Association was founded to promote and protect the interests of retailers throughout the state and to provide money saving services to its members. Membership is statewide and includes a broad range of retailers and other businesses. The VRA represents the retail industry before elected officials for policy and voting decisions. The Retail Review is published ten times a year and includes information about retail trends, statistics, current and proposed laws with which businesses need to comply, member profiles, and information about endorsed services.

Virginia Retail Merchants Association (VRMA)

Offices: Richmond, Virginia

The Virginia Retail Merchants Association, a trade association that represents retailers and other businesses, is organized to educate, inform, and serve as a resource for our members. The VRMA supports reasonable and proper laws protecting the interests of our members. Special emphasis is directed towards fostering understanding of retailing, free trade, and free enterprise systems.


Washington Retail Association (WRA)

Offices: Olympia, Washington

The Washington Retail Association is formed to advocate for Washington state's retailers at the local, state and national level. Since 1987, the WRA has: reduced Unemployment Insurance rates, defeated attempts to burden retailers with complex sales tax reporting requirements, championed the Streamlined Sales Tax Project, protected retailers from “take back” electronic product recycling, and advocated for reform to Workers’ Compensation laws.

Wyoming Retail Merchants Association (WRMA)

Offices: Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Wyoming Retail Merchants Association consists of hundreds of retail outlets and allied businesses throughout Wyoming banded together to: ensure that legislation on the state and federal level provides for a prosperous retail environment; provide ideas and information that helps you increase your bottom line; offer money-saving benefits to help save; and make it's members money and educate retailers through seminars and meetings.